BBVA Experts at SIBOS 2016: 

Head of Global Transaction Banking: Enrique Jiménez-Herrera

Head of Global Securities Services: Alexis Thompson

Head of International Transaction Services: Carmela Gómez

Other attendees:

Global International Financial Institutions: 

Esther Galiana

Rosa María Luengas                                                         

Jesús Cadenas

Ana Esteban

José María Seisdedos


Global Securities Services: 

Fernando García Rojo

Leticia Pescador

José Luis Morante


International Transaction Services: Raouf Soussi

CIB Strategy & Transformation: Alicia Pertusa

SWIFT Global Center: Francisco Maroto

Marketing CIB: Mar García 


BBVA Speakers: 

Carmela Gómez

Head of International Transaction Services

BIO: Carmela Gomez works at BBVA, where she manages the International Transaction Services, the unit in charge of global product development within GTB which purpose is to develop global solutions for Corporate and Commercial Clients worldwide.

Carmela has 18 years of varied experience in banking. She joined BBVA Group in 1994, in Trading. After, she held various positions in the Strategy Department (1999-2001), as Product Manager at Uno-e, a BBVA only click subsidiary (2001-2006), Spain cash management (2006-2009) and Global Transaction Banking.

Her main achievements are related to the global implementation of Global Electronic Banking Systems, the Global hub for corporates and Global payment solutions across BBVA group.

She holds a Master in Financial Markets from the Universidad Autónoma and a Degree in Economy. Carmela really likes processes and standards and has fostered several global projects related to payment standards and global payments infrastructure within BBVA. She has also been an active member of CGI, participating in the Global Payment XML ISO 20022 scheme definition.

Monday 26 September 10:15 – 11:15 | Conference Room 3 – CR3

Design and User Experience (UX) in Banking

The trend in banking is going mobile and online, away from branch banking – and new challengers are focusing on creating the best possible user experience (UX) for customers. Millenials/digital natives are often cited as having very high expectations from their apps. What are banks doing to focus on design? Are there learning from other industries?


BBVA Global Transaction Banking Products:
Working Capital: We help our clients to optimize their Working Capital Cycle and to manage their treasury strategically with funding options
We can provide working capital solutions for our clients' most complex needs: supply chain financing (overdraft and credit facilities, short-term bilateral loans and discount of receivables) and asset financing (leasing and operating leasing)
Securities Services: We provide global post trade services for institutional clients, building partnership relations based on the excellent asset servicing we are in a position to render. 
Our services include global custody and settlement; depository for foreign mutual fund and local pension fund managers; tax reclaim services; transactional services for issuers (quorum optimization, payment agency, linking entity, etc); and Bespoke & innovative solutions to meet client's needs
Cash & Liquidity Management: We adapt our products for managing liquidity and flows of receivables and payables to match our clients' requirements with maximum efficiency, transparency and safety, and integration into the clients' systems. Collection and payment products, liquidity management solutions, e-banking BBVA net cash, H2H & SWIFT channels and mobile banking
Trade Finance: We provide solutions for companies with world-wide trading relations, offering a wide range of products form transactional to structured: international payments, letters of credit, cross border guarantees, import/export financing, non-recourse financing of foreign trade transactions (forfaiting, factoring and reverse factoring) as well as financing supported by official export credit agencies (ECA) as buyer's credit and supplier's credit
International Financial Institutions: We offer a one-stop solution for all our client's EUR requirements, with services tailored to the specific operational requirements and service needs of our banking partners. Our portfolio includes LC services in Spain, euro payments, euro accounts and clearing services, guarantee issuance services, and check services (PanEuropean Cash Letter Services, Centralized Collection Service, Cheque Drawing)