Governments, particularly those from the OECD and even more those from the so-called "peripheral" European countries, are increasingly aware that one of the key drivers of economic growth is to encourage exports as a way of stimulating the national economies.

In this context, the Export Credit Agencies ("ECAs") play a significant role and sometimes even a "political mission" by fostering national exports.

Once again, BBVA has confirmed his responsible market approach by strongly contributing, especially in the Southern Europe, to the development and the diversification of the European exports and actively supporting and cooperating with its clients' base, the respective ECAs and the national systems as a whole.

According to the information extracted from the Dealogic database, this is evidenced in the following two rankings for year 2012:

In Spain, BBVA is leading the ECA-CESCE industry. Beside the figures on their own, which might have their importance; it is worth underline a certain number of aspects which are not evidenced in the ranking as follows:

  • BBVA has been a "leading innovator" on the unfunded instruments (i.e. CESCE support for the issuance of the contractual bondings;
  • BBVA has actively supported the even better positioning of the Spanish export champions (such as Tecnicas Reunidas, FCC, etc.) on the international markets;
  • BBVA remains a key "instrument" for the Spanish SME;
  • BBVA is seen as an important interlocutor for CESCE and the concerned Spanish authorities to adapt the Spanish export system to the more advanced models and suitable to sustain and promote the Spanish exports.

This leadership role of BBVA, widely recognized by the industry, results also in different commercial or training activities in which is highlighted the growing importance of exports in generating wealth for Spain. A perfect example is the international trade event organized last January in Madrid by BBVA, together with the Spanish Exporters and Investors Club, in which customers could analyze and discuss market trends.

At the same time, in Italy, BBVA is considered among the top ten European and international banks on which the Italian system and SACE can rely on for supporting the Italian export system.

Over the last years, our Group has been always very supportive in a country where BBVA established its presence more than twenty-five years ago.

The main objective of BBVA is to develop, in the forthcoming couple of years, the same positioning and brand image in this specific industry in the other European countries where the bank is present such as France, Germany and United Kingdom.