Project Finance unit in BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking has won the recognition of 25 awards by trade media. All geographies and all sectors are represented in these awards, but are especially relevant the 14 awards received in America and the other nine that were received for operations in different European countries.

25 Project Finance deals lead by BBVA have achieved the highest recognition by trade media. The latest one has been made public in the magazine's Project Finance, Euromoney group. This publication has awarded BBVA with seven Deal of the Year in Europe and five in America.

BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking has a very strong position in this business and again this year has consolidated  its leadership in its strategic markets. According to data published by Dealogic, BBVA has reached the top position in Mexico, which is the fastest growing market in the world (+233% year to year in 2012). BBVA has also ranked in the top position in Perú, the second in Spain, the third in the entire Latin American region, ascending to the first position excluding Brazil, and the seventh position in Europe. Globally, BBVA also ranked seventh in the overall ranking of public-private partnership (PPP).

The project finance market has been affected by liquidity constraints in the banking market, with a 6% fall in volumes financed worldwide during 2012. However, in the last quarter the fall was softened a bit, especially due to the operations in Australia and Latin America. Specifically, in Latam, one of the strategic markets for BBVA, the number of deals carried out in markets rose by 41%. During this period, it has consolidated a trend which is the financing of infrastructure and long-term projects through bonds, giving entry into this market, so far dominated by bank financing, to insurance companies and pension funds.

Carlos Milans del Bosch, Global Head of Structured Finance, explains the reasons why BBVA has consolidated its market leadership in such complex circumstances. "Our clients see us as a strong partner they can trust and value that we have accompanied them in their projects, offering financial solutions and advice from our more than 70 specialists in Europe, America and Asia, one of the best specialized team in the world." Therefore, BBVA leads the rankings leading Project Finance for the last five years consistently. "One of the keys to success is the unique capability of BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking to integrate international experience in structuring projects with deep knowledge of local markets and our clients," said the head of the business.

BBVA led operations that have received a several awards, like Presidio Parkway, a highway in USA, and Cerro del Águila, a power operation in Peru. Both were awarded with three Deal of the Year. Meanwhile, six operations received two awards each. Two liquefied gas plants in Australia and USA, the exploitation of a parking lot in the U.S., a new combined power plant in the UK, refinancing a motorway network in France and a wind farm in Mexico.