BBVA has been chosen Best Treasury and Cash Management Provider 2015 in Spain and Mexico, respectively, according to the ranking published this month by Global Finance magazine, while in the U.S. it has been named Best U.S. Regional Middle Market Provider in the Southwest of the country.

This is the first time that the publication launches its The World's Best Treasury & Cash Management Providers ranking by country, where Spain and Mexico have been awarded a prize. Until now, the ranking was published by category and region.
In Spain, Ignacio Echevarría, head of Transaction Services Europe, said that "we have defined a very clear line of work to evolve the Cash Management products. Client insight, added value, technology, innovation and regulation are key elements that need to be combined properly in order to become a benchmark for our clients".
Meanwhile, Leticia Rodríguez, head of Transaction Services Mexico, stressed that "the investments we have made in innovation and technology help our clients achieve greater efficiency in their operational processes and in managing their own clients and providers". All with the support of "the advice given by our Cash Management promotion executives, which is a key factor for selecting and implementing the right services for our clients".
Lastly, Bob Reitz, from Transaction Services USA, said that this "confirms that the Treasury and Cash Management business is moving in the right direction in BBVA. We are making great progress, not only from the point of view of capabilities, but also from the standpoint of brand recognition", he stated.