The BBVA Seminar brought together 84 representatives of 52 international public sector institutions from all over the world. The public sector investors were represented by 31 central banks and sovereign wealth funds from Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, while the public sector issuers comprised 21 sovereign treasuries, national agencies and multilateral financial institutions from Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Some of the key themes covered over three days of discussion were: global economic and financial markets overview, monetary policies and central banks' reserve diversification in times of negative interest rates and volatile markets, government funding strategies, and environmentally and socially responsible investments.

These themes - and many more - were addressed in multiple individual presentations and panel discussions. Leading these discussions were 28 public sector speakers, and these presentations were further complemented by the participation of 16 BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking representatives. The opening panel of European central banks was expertly moderated by José Manuel González Páramo, member of the Board of Directors and Chief Officer of BBVA Global Economics, Regulation and Public Affairs.

The seminar also offered investors and issuers the opportunity to hold some 175 one-on-one meetings. Some of these meetings were first time encounters and thus presented unique diversification opportunities for issuers and investors alike. The ability for parties located throughout the world to meet and network in a single venue is one of the main attractions for both investors and issuers.

The seminar also offered BBVA the opportunity to showcase its product, transactional, research and marketing capabilities in its key markets of Iberia, Latin America and Turkey and to further develop its relationships with these important clients.

The 2016 edition of the BBVA seminar for public sector investors and issuers builds on the success of the previous editions held in Seville (2015), Barcelona (2014), Madrid (2013) and Hong Kong (2012).