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  • BBVA Business Plans & Disaster Recovery Plans
    • BBVA have written Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) that outline the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency or any other disruption of its normal business activity. Those plans enable the resumption of operations by the following business day, with minimal disturbance to counterparties and the market.
    • Business Continuity Plans are designed for each critical BBVA building where there is business activity  and it is focused on exceptional and unpredictable crisis situations that could affect our activity such as: Natural disasters, Infrastructure failures, external attacks, human failure, etc. Each critical building has a backup centre (or contingency center) with independent hardware and communications. In case of a disaster, it is possible to access to all critical applications and data from that Contingency Center in a short period of time.
    • Disaster Recovery Plans are procedures that cover any contingency action to manage in case of disruption of BBVA systems and applications. Our main systems are physically located in Madrid and are covered under the General Backup Policy of BBVA Group. In case that these systems are not available, DRPs could be activated to get the systems available from another building.
  • Organizational Business Continuity Model
    • BBVA counts with a specific department in charge of developing a methodology to build and maintain BCP and DRP in BBVA Group. That Methodology is aligned with the recommendations of Business Continuity Institute (BCI), world's leading membership and certifying organization for Business Continuity, and with the Principles of International Regulation.
    • We have a Business Continuity Committee who is responsible for the organization, maintenance and development of BBVA Business Continuity Plan. Under a disaster or a very serious situation that affects people and/or involves partial or total stop of activity or, under a threat of that kind of event, an immediate management of the situation must be assumed by the Business Continuity Committee (BCC).
  • Tests of our plans
    In BBVA, our Business Continuity Plans are tested once a year. We usually plan two different types of tests to be ready for any disrumption or contingency:
    • A functional test: involve critical staff in simulation exercises on the contingency centre.
    • A technical test: all the systems and applications are reviewed by technical staff.

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