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15 December 2021

BBVA PUBLIC SECTOR WEBINARS: Deep Dive & Keep Going series

You can now request the access on-demand to all our Deep Dive & Keep Going Series webinars:

  • DIGITAL OR NOT DIGITAL, THAT IS THE QUESTION: Digital Global Markets from the 1990s to today and beyond

  • STRATEGIES IN EUROPEAN PERIPHERAL SOVEREIGNS: Focus on peripheral government bonds and their fair values

  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES VIA SECURITIES FINANCING TRANSACTIONS: Main applications of the different SFT formats and their implication on liquidity management & regulatory ratios

  • TRADING, BIG DATA & MACHINE LEARNING: New ways to price and hedge in the Fixed Income market

  • GLOBAL ECONOMIC OUTLOOK: Overview of the global economy and the main policy measures in response to the crisis

  • GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT VIEWS: Opportunities in the post-pandemic World

  • BEHAVIORAL BIASES IN INVESTMENT DECISION MAKING: Identifying some biases (Loss Aversion, Overconfidence, Herding,...) that may affect our daily investments

  • HOW TO INVEST IN DIGITAL ASSETS?: Institutional Adoption of Cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Decentralized Finance

Request access to the webinars on-demand here: Request Access