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Quantitative Investment Strategies

Investment opportunities for everyone


BBVA Quantitative Investment Strategies (QIS) focuses on the design, manufacturing and distribution of investment strategies that materialize in rules-based indices intended for end investors.

Our purpose is to bring responsible and transparent investment opportunities to everyone through investable indices. These indices allow investors to access alpha sources in a low cost, diversified and transparent manner by applying an innovative investment technique that combines the potential and attractiveness of active investing with the robustness and efficiency of passive investing.



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Thematic Indices

Indices focusing on capturing alpha from global megatrends such as ESG, Technological Breakthrough, Social Change & Well-Being, Shifting Economic Power and Resource Scarcity

Systematic Indices

Indices seeking premia through exposure to technical factors (style, momentum, value, carry, curve, volatility, etc.) and macro factors (GDP, inflation, unemployment rate, etc.)

Tailor-Made Indices

Indices developed jointly with clients to meet their specific investment requirements. These indices can be crafted from scratch or can be built around existing strategies


BBVA Risk Control – Keep calm and stay invested

We have designed a Risk Control mechanism that can be applied as a protective layer on top of any of our indices and helps maintain volatility and dividend paramenters at predefined levels. This way, investors can protect themselves agains high volatile market conditions and increase their participation in growth structured products.

Check our video to learn how our Risk Control mechanism works!



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