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Solactive BBVA Cybersecurity



Solactive BBVA Cybersecurity index selects companies in the frontline of digital security, providing data protection and cyber-risk insurance, creating secure online transaction platforms and heeding the call for cyber defense, thanks to the low-latency network infrastructure and components.


Key metrics

Family Theme Asset Class Region Weighting # Constituents
Thematic Technology Equity Global Overweights CybersrcurityRevenue exposure 50


Key facts

  • Investment universe: Developed markets + China ex A-sahres + South Korea + Taiwan
  • Leading companies in 5 subindustries:

          1. Cyber Defense & Homeland Security

          2. Cyber Insurance

          3. Digital Transactions Security

          4. Network Security & Data Protection

          5. Wireline Infraestructure & Components

  • Revenue data provided by Factset
  • Market cap weight tilted by Cybersecurity revenues