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Solactive BBVA ixG Global Governance & Board Diversity



Solactive BBVA ixG Global Governance & Board Diversity Index select the leading global companies in their Corporate Governance, according to Sustainalytics G rating. Moreover it overweights companies with a better Diversity Board Score.

Corporate governance score.

The selection of the components is done according to the best G rating by Sustainalytics, preversing the sectoral and country weight of its parent index.

Innovative dynamic exclusion of controversial activities.

Thresholds for activity exclusions decrease over time (in particular for Nuclear Power Generation and Thermal Coal Power Generation), being 0% for 2035.

Social SDGs.

Companies that lose their ESG quality are excluded in a monthly review. Based on:

  • Change in compliance with the UN Global Compact Principles.
  • Downgrade on the G Risk Rating of 25 points or more.



Key metrics

Family Theme Asset Class Region Weighting # Constituents
Thematic ESG Equity Global Overweights G rating 100



Key facts

  • Selects Global G leaders.
  • Dynamic exclusions of controversial activities.
  • Preserves benchmark’s sector and country weights.
  • Fast exit rule for companies that lose their G quality.
  • Sustainalytics as the ESG data provider.
  • Modified equally weighted based on the highest Diversity Board score.