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Solactive BBVA Next Generation Networks


The true potential of 5G lies in the increased densification of the network that will provide service to millions of intelligent devices for the Internet of Things (IoT), in addition to the installation of new fibre-optic sections that enable the speed and response characteristics of the new network. This should promote new business models in several industries by:

  • Enabling faster and effective inspections through predictive intelligence
  • Improving workplace and worker safety
  • Enhancing operational effectiveness

Solactive BBVA Next Generation Networks Index selects the leading global companies in the deployment of the 5th (and subsequent) Generation of Telecommunications Networks.


Key metrics

Family Theme Asset Class Region Weighting # Constituents
Thematic Technology Equity Global Overweights

NextGen Revenue exposure




Key facts

  • Investment on enhanced connectivity (5G and Beyond)
  • Investment universe: Developed markets + China ex A-sahres + South Korea + Taiwan
  • Leading companies in 5 subindustries: Core equipment, core software & services, end-user equipment, semiconductors and telecommunication services
  • Revenue data provided by Factset
  • Market cap weight tilted by Next Generation revenues