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BBVA Quantitative Investment Strategies

Quant used to be only for professional traders with enormous machines to crunch the numbers. But now everyone can enjoy quantitative investment opportunities through BBVA’s robust platforms fetch which analyze data in record time and present it in an easily actionable manner.

BBVA Quantitative Investment Strategies (QIS) is a business line which focuses on the design, manufacturing and distribution of investment strategies that materialize in self-created indices intended for end investors.

BBVA’s broad range of indices allows clients to access alpha sources in a diversified, transparent and low-cost manner.  BBVA clients can choose from a wide range of quantitative strategies that may be: thematic, with indices aimed at capturing megatrends such as sustainability and technological breakthrough, among others; systematic strategies, with indices that seek an improvement in profitability through exposure to factors such as value, growth or volatility; or tailor-made strategies developed to meet specific client needs.