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International Financial Institutions

“We concentrate on responsible banking, providing international and local expertise, combining our extensive capabilities with a truly deep knowledge of the market.” 

BBVA Group’s high profile in over 30 countries positions its international financial institutions to offer top-quality transactional services to a significant number of correspondent banks.

The large number of correspondent accounts in the BBVA books and its longstanding participation in clearing houses open up opportunities for transactional services in different currencies, satisfying correspondent banks’ payment needs at very competitive prices, while meeting the highest international quality standards. 

BBVA can offer correspondent bank accounts, clearing and payments services, transactional trade finance products (letters of credit, bid bonds, advance and performance guarantees, etc.), customizing all services to match changing requirements over time and place. Always first to take up and develop new technologies, BBVA’s technology expertise continuously comes up with innovative solutions to our clients. BBVA was one of the world’s first banks to embrace SWIFT GPI and is constantly investing in promising fintech projects to ensure clients are the first to access new opportunities.

A committed team of professionals is ready to help financial institutions in achieving their business ambitions, offering solutions in a timely and efficient manner. The range of products and services to choose from is always state-of-the-art to ensure all correspondent banking operations run smoothly. Clients appreciate how easy it is to use BBVA’s powerful platforms to guarantee measurable cost effectiveness and speed of service.

BBVA S.A. Spain- General Terms & Conditions for Correspondent Banks