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  • Corporate Resposibility Policy


    BBVA understands Corporate Social Responsibility (hereinafter "CSR") as the responsibility that corresponds to the Bank through the impact of its activities on society. To fulfill this responsibility, BBVA integrates social, environmental and ethical concerns as well as those concerning human rights and stakeholders in its daily business and relationships with them.  

    Through its CSR policy, the BBVA Group must contribute to the following objectives:

    • To carry out its activity in a responsible manner and place people at the core of its purpose.
    • To maximize the creation of sustainable and shared value for its shareholders and for other stakeholders and the wider society in which it operates.
    • To prevent and mitigate the possible negative impacts caused by its business activity.
    • To improve the reputation of BBVA
  • Costumers and BBVA Team: Part of our Strategy

    Customers and BBVA Employees are one of our priorities. Here you will find the main lines of our Corporate Responsability Report, focus on our figures and strategies to work for a better future for them:



    The best customer experience

    BBVA has set up a new global unit called Customer Solutions, geared to providing the best customer experience. At BBVA we have been preparing for success in this new environment. Our goal is to be the best Bank for our customers.

    IReNe and Feedback

    Over the last four years, the Customer Experience areas have consolidated the implementation of a global methodology based on customer recommendations, called IReNe (Net Recommendation Index). Progress is being made in the way we listen to our customers, giving us an in-depth understanding of their needs.

    Complaints and claims management

    Customer complaints and claims are an excellent starting point for improving BBVA Group's processes because they tell us exactly which areas need to be changed to make life easier for our customers

    Customer Protection

    In 2015, as part of the organizational reconfiguration of the Engineering area, a control function called Engineering Risk & Corporate Assurance has been set up, with the aim of developing and maintaining the control model, as well as managing active risks related to business and technological processes, within the framework of the Corporate Assurance model.

    Transparent, Clear and Responsible Communication

    The project for Transparent, Clear and Responsible Communication (TCR) has the goal of helping our customers to make informed decisions over the whole life cycle of their relations with the Bank.

    Financial Literacy

    Financial literacy (FL) is one of the strategic priorities of BBVA Group's Responsible Business Plan and is constructed through the Global Financial Literacy Plan. Our goal in this area is to promote the development of the financial skills that allow society to make informed decisions to improve its financial well-being and be more aware of the existing risks and opportunities.

    In 2015, BBVA changed the name of its Human Resources Department to Talent & Culture. The change was not merely titular. It marked a significant shift in the department´s core function, responsibilities and focus.

    Talent & Culture will embark on a series of programs and initiatives that will build on the successes we initiated in 2015:

    • Compensation: Review our compensation model to ensure it is based on simplicity, transparency, equity and accountability. The model should unite all employees globally in a common vision and keep us aligned in delivering on both our strategic and financial goals.
    • Career Development: A new approach to career pathing that puts the employee in the driver's seat and offers experiential (as well as traditional) ways for employees to develop new skills/capabilities and explore new opportunities for professional growth.
    • Communication: A more interactive and engaging employee communications plan that fosters dialogue rather than passive listening.


    2015 Talent & Culture by the numbers:

    • Global workforce of 137,968 people located in 35 countries.
    • Employee ratio is 54% women / 46% men.
    • Average age is 37 years.
    • Average tenure is 10 years.

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