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Sustainability at BBVA


BBVA is committed to sustainable development and believes banks have a crucial role to play in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.


  • Pledge 2025

BBVA is pledging to mobilize €100 billion in green finance, sustainable infrastructures, social entrepreneurship and financial inclusion through 2025. The bank is also committing to work to mitigate its own environmental and social risks and minimize potentially negative impacts, both direct and indirect. Additionally, BBVA will engage all stakeholders to increase the financial sector’s contribution to sustainable development.



BBVA has defined its purpose as bringing the age of opportunity to everyone, and sustainable finance plays a key role in doing so. The demands placed on companies to perform in a sustainable manner are ever-increasing and BBVA must help its clients do business in this new age.

BBVA CIB provides innovative solutions to accompany clients on their sustainability journey: sustainable bonds and loans, sustainability-linked loans, sustainable supply-chain finance, sustainable derivatives and sustainable transaction-banking products. The ambition of the bank is to have a sustainable alternative to all of its products.

BBVA has a proven track record in sustainable finance, with experienced teams designing, executing and promoting  sophisticated  operations across the globe. 

Partnering with BBVA helps clients take full advantage of the numerous benefits of sustainable finance. The bank’s  value added solutions help the clients to align their financial priorities with their sustainability strategy, improve commitment and dialogue with their stakeholders and investors as well as position them as one of the key players in the sustainable market.