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Investment banking solutions

BBVA’s investment banking & finance team brings together knowledge and expertise in a wide range of financial products and services to support our client’s business in their long- term financing solutions and financial advisory needs covering all their strategic needs (M&A, ECM, rating advisory, liability management, etc.)

The focus is on offering innovative sustainable finance solutions to clients so they can take up opportunities at all stages of their value chain.

Corporate lending

BBVA CIB is a worldwide benchmark for excellence in underwriting, structuring and distributing lending facilities for corporate clients. The bank tailors deals to cover the complete business value chain that lending feeds into.

A dedicated global network of specialists develop flexible financial solutions to suit every client’s needs, sharing knowledge of the different markets to ensure that sustainability and good governance are present throughout the whole financing process while offering the best financing solutions according to the client’s requirements.

BBVA CIB’s lending products have a long track record. Clients can choose from a wide range of solutions for all needs:

  • Term loans: specific amounts with a forward-looking repayment schedule and a floating interest rate to finance identified business needs.
  • Acquisition financing: capital for the purpose of buying another business.
  • Revolving credit facilities: facilities with a full flexibility to manage changes in funding requirements, so clients can draw down and repay as often as required within an overall loan limit within an agreed term, without worrying about early repayment fees or having to reapply.
  • Bridge loans: loans supporting take-outs via bonds, equity and asset sales.
  • Guarantees that ensure our client’s compliance with financial commitments

The corporate loans may be structured either on a bilateral basis or as a syndicated loan in which a loan is provided by a group of lenders who share or participate in a specific loan

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Structured finance

We want to be the partner to our clients to whom they can entrust their ambitions and dreams. BBVA CIB’s excellent market position is due to our international experience in structuring projects and our deep knowledge of local markets and clients. Our specialized team has won numerous accolades for project finance in our strategic markets.

BBVA CIB is a major provider of structured-finance products: originating, structuring and executing financing solutions for corporate clients and institutional investors.

A complete range of flexible solutions with limited recourse or non-recourse to shareholders satisfies the varied needs of the companies doing business worldwide. Experts help structure different solutions that include:

  • Project finance: global expertise in environment, energy and infrastructure project financing, customizing solutions for strategic large-scale projects.
  • Specialized lending: / asset finance financing a wide range of assets, such as real-estate (hotels, shopping malls, offices, industrial warehouses, etc.) and telecommunications projects (satellites, mobile telephony, cable, communications networks) and supporting project design.
  • Structured trade finance: instruments to match buyers and suppliers’ credit profiles, construction of pre-export finance and arrangement of technical guarantees.

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Leveraged finance

BBVA CIB provides debt-financing solutions to corporates and private-equity firms.

Non-investment-grade corporates have access to a fully integrated leveraged finance platform to cover their diverse needs, exploiting the full power of BBVA technology and expertise in originating, structuring, underwriting and executing deals. BBVA analyzes each case into the smallest detail to be able to understand which solution is most sustainable for each case: a leveraged buyout (LBO), corporate leveraged finance or perhaps access to high-yield capital markets.

BBVA helps leading companies in a wide range of sectors such as industry, infrastructure, manufacturing, commerce, leisure and retail services. Each sector requires a different approach. Some generate a stable cash flow but with a selective scope, while others require high leverage to prime their business model.

Leveraged finance is a solution well worth considering for profiles such as:

  • Mid-market business with a proven track record and attractive fundamentals.
  • Company considering purchasing an external business or group of assets.
  • Business which needs increased capital for organic growth (for building or adding capacity, enhancing existing infrastructure or funding for new business opportunities).
  • Company needing to raise financing for succession planning or to monetize a portion of the holdings of the existing management team or business owned by a private-equity firm.

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Debt advisory services

BBVA CIB provides comprehensive bespoke advisory and financial solutions to corporate clients, investment funds, institutional and public-sector entities. The bank applies a data-driven approach, combining product specialists with experts in specific sectors, while always focusing on long term relationships.

BBVA’s advisory services include financial advice on mergers and acquisitions, capital increases, debt issuance and how these can be brought together within customized financing solutions:


A successful merger, acquisition or divestment requires a trusted advisor to work alongside key decision makers. By definition, every deal is different, but BBVA’s proven track record of successfully executed transactions from various sectors enables its experts to provide clients with vital insights needed.

BBVA CIB covers the full range of client segments, from large international companies to middle markets within its core geographical footprint, offering services such as mergers and acquisitions, companies and asset disposals, strategic partnering, fund raising, privatizations, sourcing well-grounded fairness opinions and valuation reports for takeover bids and ensuring maximum visibility of the significant details feeding into deals even while still in the making.

BBVA’s advisory services are end-to-end, with the depth required by each client. It is vital to have a clear overview of the deals, and at the same time, be able to drill down into the details at any moment. Through the bank’s powerful analytical technology, our M&A experts can help the clients with:
Analyzing and evaluating strategic and financial options.
Screening the market.

  • Assessing acquisition candidates or buyers.
  • Organizing, managing and coordinating the deal.
  • Drafting the transaction documents and financial models.
  • Dutiful due diligence.
  • Agood strategy can help companies to maximize their value for sale, while also helping purchasers avoid pitfalls in important acquisitions

-Equity Capital Markets

In ECM at BBVA, we offer our capabilities to advise and execute the best Equity Capital Market solutions for our clients through IPOs, Rights Issues, ABBs, Convertible Bonds and Scrip Dividends.

BBVA has a reliable, committed and fully aligned ECM Advisory team, offering corporate clients honest, clear and unbiased advice.

In January 2021, in the pursuit of reinforcing our capabilities for primary market transactions and be a relevant advisor to our clients, BBVA entered into a strategic alliance, for Spain and Portugal, with ODDO BHF one of Europe’s leading brokerage platforms, which covers over 500 listed companies and has access to a wide global base c. 750 of institutional investors

BBVA is a trusted relationship partner strategically aligned with its corporate clients interests, fully committing its strong experience in the execution of Spanish Equity Deals in combination with our strategic partner ODDO BHF unbeatable Research franchise and opinion-leading distribution platform, which includes credible Pan-European equity dialogue and local Spanish expertise

-ESG Advisory

Committed to sustainability, ESG advisory builds up a strategic dialogue on sustainability and sustainable finance, customized to the particular situation of each client, taking advantage of BBVA’s strong analytical capabilities in peer benchmarking, and expert knowledge of best practices, challenges, opportunities and key drivers in each industry.

-Rating advisory

BBVA CIB’s rating advisory team provides independent, customized analysis and advice on a wide range of debt-related topics such as debt capacity, acquisition finance, financial strategy and capital structure.

Clients can choose how to manage their rating, taking advantage of BBVA’s know-how to ensure they optimize their situation over time:

  • Ratings estimates for non-rated companies, applying agency methodologies for different sectors.
  • Rating impact of different scenarios for rated companies, including but not limited to: debt capacity, changes in dividend policy, leveraged recaps, debt distribution across different group entities, specific aquisition or disposals, or purchase of minority stakes by an investor
  • Proactive management of relationships with rating agencies. Appointment of an advisor can consolidate companies’ links with rating agencies to ensure fair evaluation and correct disclosure, ensuring agencies’ approach and adjustments are fair and consistent with those used for the rest of the sector.
  • Capital structure advisory in M&A, corporate restructurings, recapitalizations, or IPO situations.Our team provides debt advisory services such as: debt capacity, acquisition finance analysis, financial strategy and capital structure strategic advice to corporates, among others.

-Project Finance advisory

Clients need to tap broad-ranging expertise if they are to find the most efficient sources for financing large infrastructure and energy projects.

Based on BBVA’s knowledge, we advise corporates and financial sponsors on the most efficient sources of financing for each of their projects, from bank lending to innovative solutions such as project bonds, institutional investors funding or hybrid structures. In addition, we offer Governments and other authorities advice on the structure of concessions and PPPs to ensure a proper reception by the financial community
The financial advisory may include:

  • Review of the project including: i) assessment of the business plan & regulatory issues and ii) feasibility & risk analysis
  • Strategy & Structuring with: i) financial modeling and valuation, ii) capital structure & debt capacity definition with funding strategy, debt advisory as well as equity /debt raising

-Liability management

BBVA provides advisory services and strong data analytics for structuring debt extensions, covenants, amendments, refinancing strategies, arbitrage and P&L optimization to Investment Grade & High-Yield corporates, financials and sovereign sector issuers.

-Fixed Income Capital Solutions

BBVA CIB global team provides customized fixed income capital solutions to corporates and financial institutions. These solutions include hybrid bonds, contingent convertibles, AT1, Tier 2 and securitizations and allow clients to ensure their capital structure is robust at all times with the flexibility required by each client.

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It is important to have a fully integrated global syndicate platform to successfully arrange, underwrite and distribute debt financings within an optimal time frame. A one-stop shop for loans enables clients to pick a pricing range leveraged on data-driven assessments of market risk. And once decisions have been made on the structure. BBVA’s strong technological and market capabilities provide clients with:

  • Capacity to attract underwriting from all over the world.
  • Market know-how to link issuers and investors across a global network, to distribute debt in primary and secondary markets worldwide.
  • Trading capabilities to provide liquidity to institutional and other clients through BBVA’s market making expertise.

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Debt capital markets

Corporates, financial institutions and public sector clients need informed advice and accurate data analytics to raise debt for acquisitions, refinance or restructure their existing debt or pursue other financial and business goals.
Fixed-income markets can be a way of diversifying funding sources when intelligently tapped for low-risk capital. Investors looking for investment opportunities effectively lend to companies in exchange for their debt securities. BBVA’s strong data capacities and investor relaions help clients to optimize their financing in line with their chosen time horizons and debt ptrofiles.

BBVA works closely with clients to arrange, structure, execute and syndicate transactions, and through different vehicles provides them access to a global pool of investors from Europe, USA, Mexico, South America and Asia.

BBVA’s products and services include customized financial solutions for individual client needs covering:

  • Bond issuance
  • Hybrid capital and convertibles
  • Private placements
  • Ratings advisory
  • Liability management
  • Debt restructuring

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More solutions

BBVA CIB’s global transaction banking specialists empower clients (large corporates, multinational subsidiaries and financial institutions) to find optimal solutions for their payments, collections and liquidity management around the world. They also cover clients’ foreign-trade, equity and working-capital requirements.

BBVA’s global markets team brings together expertise in a wide range of financial products and underlyings, to help clients understand how through origination, structuring and distribution they can shape their own risk profile to adapt to the complex environment world. Corporates, governments and financial institutions around the world have access to BBVA’s specialists at each step of the value chain. These specialists trade within BBVA’s strict framework of protocols, bringing the opportunities of global markets to everyone.

BBVA is committed to sustainable development and believes banks have a crucial role to play in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.