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BBVA CIB’s global transaction banking specialists  empower clients (large corporates, multinational subsidiaries and financial institutions) to find optimal solutions for their payments, collections and liquidity management around the world. They also cover clients’ foreign-trade, equity and working-capital requirements.

An unwavering focus on clients’ needs and expectations helps to build up lasting relationships, underpinned by a trust that can only be achieved by consistently providing top-quality products, service and advice.


Clients enjoy multiple channels for the efficient management of their working capital, trade finance, cash management and custody needs, whether over mobile devices or via on-line banking (BBVA Net Cash locally; BBVA Pivot, H2H and SWIFT globally). With the granular risk analytics embedded in BBVA’s platforms, foreign- trade and working capital can be brought into line to take advantage of windows of opportunity along the international value chain. 


Good financing makes businesses sustainable, but BBVA goes an extra mile with sustainability by being  the first bank in the world to launch a sustainability framework for transactional products, whose proceeds can be used in line with clients’ own ESG targets. 

Innovation is always present in BBVA’s technological developments, but it is also an integral part of  BBVA’s concept of banking. Thinking in new and different ways and listening to stakeholders is the only way to sustain the Group’s competitive advantage over time and be able to help clients to deal with sometimes unexpected changes in their businesses, societies and economies. BBVA’s do-it-yourself apps and platforms are  available 24/7, but the bank also offers  dedicated advisory services, with experts to help clients exploit market opportunities and optimize their strategy at all times.


Clients have access to BBVA’s full range of local and global capabilities, leveraging a strong local presence and a global infrastructure. An integrated IT infrastructure and direct access to all clearing houses over streamlined technology makes cash management much more than a set of transactions. A global approach spots opportunities to create value, while granular data provides assurance that governance procedures are working and clients retain control of their cash flows.


Digital tools that make running the business easier:

  • Global account visibility 

BBVA’s electronic banking platform, BBVA Pivot, provides a quick and easy view of account information and global positions. 

For the next level of integration, BBVA relay services allow for secure transmission of a daily e-ledger containing account statements from BBVA and other bans, grouped either in BAI2 or MT940/942 formats and sent via a single global host2host or Swift-FileAct connection.


  • Global payments via single connection

BBVA offers a one-stop-shop to streamline global payment processing, providing maximum control over treasury, payroll and supplier payments. Clients simply connect to BBVA’s global host2host and SWIFT infrastructure to initiate domestic and international payments in multiple countries using a single connectivity channel and a single file format.


  • Domestic cash-management services to optimize treasury flows
With local expertise in the Iberian Peninsula, United States, Turkey, Mexico and Latin America, BBVA can provide best-in-class digital products and services for business treasury operations, rationalizing and optimizing payments, collections, working capital and liquidity management.



BBVA CIB offers attractive and competitive investment solutions to money-market investors and corporate clients who want to match their short- and long-term requirements for currencies, tenor, risk and yield to make the most of their cash holdings.

Money-market solutions can be incorporated into financial institutions’ or corporates’ liquidity strategy, for in-house accounting or for third-party private wealth-management, with easy but powerful technology to work efficiently with cash sweep accounts or client-segregated funds.

A range of liquidity-management products can be tailored to the short- and long-term requirements of each client and geography: deposits, certificates of deposit, commercial paper, current accounts, and other money market instruments.

Our teams operate throughout Europe, Latin America, United States and Asia, offering both global and local liquidity management solutions. Its focus on client empowerment ensures all needs can be met even as they change over time.

Working capital should be put to work for the future.

BBVA offers a wide range of products and services to support clients in optimizing their cash and trade flows.

Working capital solutions are vital so that businesses can cover short-term cash obligations, while never losing sight of their longer term sustainability. BBVA’s platforms, products and services enable clients to strike a dynamic balance between trade payables and receivables within the cash conversion cycle. 

These services include supply chain finance (factoring and reverse factoring), overdraft facilities, short-term bilateral loans, asset financing (leasing and renting plans), guarantees and letters of credit to smooth out import/export financing.


ESG Supply Chain Finance Solutions

In BBVA’s Global Transaction Banking area, we understand optimizing working capital is a value driver, and it is becoming even more strategic in the current uncertain environment. Another challenge that our customers face in this new era is the need to increase resiliency and sustainability of supply chains. Our GTB advisory team supports customers in navigating this new reality through tailored, innovative transaction banking solutions which include sustainability and digitization as essential tools.


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Our strength as a regional provider lies in our proven experience from successful operations in Spain and the major Latin American markets.

BBVA provides global pre- and post-trade services to institutional clients, as well as facilitating ease of trading and maximum control over the investment processes.

BBVA global securities services acts as a regional custodian with high-level expertise in markets where the bank operates. Its two regional hubs, Spain and Mexico, feed local know-how into a global network of sub-custodians.

Spanning every securities-related business line, BBVA’s clients can streamline their core custody (asset servicing and tax reclaim), clearing and settlement transactions and optimize their funding architecture. The bank also provides transactional services for Spanish issuers and tailor-made solutions for the Spanish investment service companies and their clients. As pioneers in the development and provision of innovative asset “servicing only” models for non-resident financial institutions, BBVA connects clients directly to the Spanish CSD in the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) environment.

Global securities advisors help clients pursue a growth strategy with the support of innovative solutions. The bank consistently strengthens its technological and products capabilities , focusing on value-added services where the bank’s expertise makes a real difference to clients’ success in their investment, trading and overall business management. 

In trade finance, BBVA  opens you into a world of new opportunities, with a comprehensive range of flexible, customized solutions intelligently embedded into our e-Banking platform.


Clients are increasingly focused on cross-border business, wishing to expand their businesses beyond their home markets.BBVA’s know-how in its core markets (Europe, Latin America, USA, Turkey) underpins an exceptionally robust global catalogue of transactional services and products (cross-border collections, letters of credit and guarantees, as well as import/export financing, non-recourse and reverse factoring, and forfaiting) to empower clients in their international endeavours.

Reinforcing their local insights with the bank’s  worldwide research capacity, BBVA’s trade finance specialists service both ends of the trade transaction, boosting efficiency and reducing risk. Expanding to new markets becomes easier with BBVA’s expert commercial assessment, regulatory advice and bespoke solutions, the reason why BBVA is often the trade finance bank of choice for many clients.

We focus on responsible banking, combining our local and international expertise with a truly deep knowledge of the markets.


BBVA Group’s high profile in over 30 countries enables its international financial institutions team to offer top-quality transactional services to  correspondent banks.

The large number of correspondent accounts in the BBVA books and its long standing participation in clearing houses positions the bank as an ideal provider of  transactional services in different currencies. BBVA strives to satisfy the payment needs of the correspondent banks at very competitive prices, while meeting the highest international quality standards. 

BBVA  offers correspondent bank accounts, clearing and payments services, transactional trade finance products (letters of credit, bid bonds, advance and performance guarantees, etc.), customizing all services to match changing requirements at each given time and place. Additionally, BBVA’s technological expertise and strive for innovation ensures the clients with innovative solutions on a continuous basis. BBVA was one of the world’s first banks to embrace SWIFT GPI and is constantly investing in promising fintech projects to ensure clients are the first to access new opportunities.

A committed team of professionals is ready to help financial institutions in achieving their business ambitions, offering solutions in a timely and efficient manner. The range of products and services to choose from is always state-of-the-art to ensure all correspondent banking operations run smoothly. Clients appreciate BBVA’s easy-to-use platforms which enable measurable cost effectiveness and speed of service.   


BBVA S.A. Spain – General Terms & Conditions for Correspondent Banks


Our advisory experts provide tailor-made holistic solutions for the banking needs of our clients. We work as their partner for optimizing their finances and incorporating sustainability in all levels of their business. 

Sustainability is one of the main corporate concerns across geographies, industries and departments. BBVA supports clients in their commitment to inclusive, sustainable growth, aligning transactional solutions with clients’ digitalization and sustainability objectives.

BBVA’s powerful data analytics provide deep insights into different industries and sectors, allowing to identify potential gaps against different peer groups and  offer each client the most suitable transactional solution. BBVA’s combination of a global footprint and local expertise enables clients to streamline their treasury operations and execute the optimal financial strategies.

Efficient working capital management is a key value driver for global corporations in order to release cash from the balance sheet for higher-return opportunities. Thus, BBVA clients can:

  • Strengthen their liquidity position
  • Achieve greater financial flexibility
  • Minimize counterparty risks
  • Optimize financial ratios
  • Expand internationally

Clients also enjoy easy access to comprehensive transactional products throughout all geographies within the BBVA footprint. BBVA’s platform makes everyday business transactions safer, faster and simpler.




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