BBVA Credit Carry



The iTraxx and CDX Excess Return Indices represent the inherent market risk, default risk and illiquidity risk premium embedded in the underlying bonds.

The default and illiquidity risk premiums between High Yield and Investment Grade can be captured by adopting a carry strategy: buying the high risk and financing the position via low risk. Thus, the strategy sells protection on the High Yield and buys protection on the Investment Grade, while hedging the market risk.

BBVA Credit Trend Index aims to capture relative illiquidity and company risk premia between High Yield and Investment Grade by taking beta adjusted Spread position (HY – Beta x IG). It is an alternative source of carry returns that aims to hedge market risk; and it applies a forward looking protection mechanism to capture sharp changes in the macroeconomic conditions.

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iTraxx Main
iTraxx Xover

Key Facts


  • Spread credit carry investment strategy with market shocks protection
  • Investment universe: four most liquid 5Y credit default swap indices iTraxx Main, iTraxx Xover, CDX NA HY and CDX NA IG
  • Buying protection is scaled by the ratio of medium to long term beta on High Yield vs. Investment Grade
  • Shock protection mechanism based on a forward looking volatility indicator



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