Episode 11: CMPC – Making natural fiber for a better future

We present the eleventh episode of BBVA Greenfluencers, in which Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, CEO of Empresas CMPC one of the largest producers of pulp, packaging and wood in the world, reveals what sustainability means to the company and how it is integrated into its strategy and initiatives.

  • Sustainability is one of your 5 strategic pillars, which innovative projects confirm this?
  • 60% of your gross debt is linked to sustainability and its improvements in the Group, how do you do it?
  • Your Conservation Strategy has been a major milestone for CMPC launched with many stakeholders and local authorities, what is your approach and what is this strategy based on?

Summary text:

In the eleventh episode of BBVA Greenfluencers we have moved to Los Angeles, Chile, to talk to Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, General Manager Empresas CMPC. One of the largest producers of pulp, packaging and wood in the world.

Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, General Manager of Empresas CMPC, tells us first-hand how CMPC works on ESG initiatives for sustainability and its importance in the Group’s strategy: “Our customers are increasingly interested in this issue, the concern is growing. The same is happening with all our stakeholders and throughout our production chain”.

Find out how they have managed to incorporate these objectives into their Conservation Strategy.