Episode 13: 1 YEAR RECAP

Their roadmap is clear. Our protagonists have the ideas and a lot of enthusiasm to work for a more sustainable and inclusive world.

  • • How have they aligned strategic and ESG objectives in their respective businesses?
  • • How important is innovation in their production models? And what will the next trends be?
  • • What is the greenfluencers wish for 2024?


Summary text:

BBVA Greenfluencers is a global and plural program that brings us closer to our clients in a collaborative way. It allows us to know the profound changes that are occurring in different industries and geographies. We manage to give visibility to the work of all local teams in our final purpose, which is to be the reference bank of our clients around our strategic pillar, sustainability.

Thank you to all the greenfluencers who have accompanied us until today, to those who have shared with us their commitment to sustainability and the planet, and to those who make up the community that continues to allow us to explore the ESG strategy in companies together..