Episode 7: Grupo Ledesma, developing sustainable actions

We present the seventh episode of BBVA Greenfluencers, in which Javier Goñi, CEO of Grupo Ledesma, Argentina's leading sugar, paper and citrus fruit producer, tells us what sustainability means to the group, what actions they are taking and how they manage waste.

● How does the company achieve maximum utilisation of sugar cane and sustainable and circular production?
● Grupo Ledesma has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 2.5%, what strategy has it implemented to achieve this and what are its upcoming challenges?
● Innovation is a strategic pillar in its sustainability objective. How has Grupo Ledesma implemented this in its activity?

Summary text:

In the seventh episode of BBVA Greenfluencers we have travelled to the Yunga Jujeña, in Argentina, to talk to Javier Goñi, CEO of Ledesma. This place represents only 2% of the entire national territory, but concentrates more than 50% of the diversity of flora and fauna.

Javier tells us first-hand what role sustainability plays for Grupo Ledesma, as well as the actions they develop and the important waste management they carry out. In this conversation, we will learn how Ledesma takes advantage of the waste management of the more than 40,000 hectares, factories and plantations they manage. “The almost 10,000 kilos of waste we generate per day is raw material for others. We separate, classify and prepare the waste, and that which cannot be used is treated in specialised companies that are endorsed by the Ministry of the Environment and Jujuy.”

Also, don’t miss how Ledesma works with the community to strengthen the social fabric, improve employability and the sports and cultural activities it offers, based on innovation and technology.

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