12 March 2024

BBVA Mexico accompanies Bancomext in the issuance of a Sustainable Bond totaling MXN12.08 billion.


BBVA Mexico acted as underwriter in a local market issuance of Sustainable Bonds by the National Foreign Trade Bank; BANCOMEXT; totaling MXN12.08 billion. The transaction included two tranches:

  • BACMEXT 24X for a total amount of MXN7.19 billion at 3.5 years, placed at a floating rate of 25 basis points over the TIIE, in line with the initial price talk (IPT).
  • BACMEXT 24-2X, for an amount of MXN4.89 billion at 10 years, placed at a fixed rate of 40 basis points over the Mbono 2034, resulting in a coupon of 9.56%, one basis point below the IPT.

The issuance received a credit rating of AAA (mex) from Fitch and AAA HR from HR Ratings and was well received by the market, with total demand reaching MXN18.21 billion, equivalent to 2.4 times the target amount of MXN7.5 billion set by BANCOMEXT.


The proceeds from both issuances will be allocated to eligible projects within their sustainable bond framework: job creation, socioeconomic strengthening, and access to essential services for social project categories, and renewable energy, green buildings, energy efficiency, clean transportation, among others, for green project categories. The reference framework is backed by the independent opinion of ISS ESG.


BBVA Mexico thanks BANCOMEXT for entrusting us with the execution of this significant transaction, and we reiterate our commitment to mobilizing resources to support ESG projects. To date, we have participated as underwriter in over 66.5% of the ESG issuances in the local market. BBVA reaffirms its leadership in the local market for public and private ESG project financing.