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12 May 2022

BBVA holds a new edition of the BBVA Latin America conference in New York

BBVA held the eleventh edition of its BBVA Latin America conference on May 10 and 11 in New York, once again in a face-to-face format. The forum brought together some of the leading players in the Latin American investment and financial world. A total of 44 companies from seven different countries, 80 international investment firms, and more than 330 attendees analyzed the challenges and opportunities posed by the international economic landscape, with a special focus on this region.


BBVA is resuming top-tier conferences in person with the BBVA Latin America Conference, held on May 10 and 11 in New York City. The meeting, which was opened by Luisa Gómez Bravo, Global Head of BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking, was attended by global and emerging market investors from the United States, Latin America, and Europe, making it once again the leading global debt forum for investors with interests in the region.

In a context of inflation and uncertainty in the markets, tightening financial conditions worldwide, and with the international economy still in the post-pandemic recovery process, new concerns have arisen, such as the war in Ukraine, a major source of tension in markets around the world. But even so, experts believe that Latin America is particularly well positioned to face these challenges, especially thanks to investments in ESG projects.


Sustainability, an unstoppable trend

The experts agreed on the unstoppable growth of sustainability and its integration into global financial markets, where it is already a core element of business. Today, led by a new generation of investors and corporate leaders, ESG projects now account for nearly 30% of new investment in terms of assets under management (AUM), and could soon overtake traditional investment.

The main focus for many is still climate action and carbon footprint reduction, but other elements are receiving more attention, including the social component. Challenges such as regulation and the creation of international valuation standards and ESG metrics were also addressed. Sustainability is becoming a differentiating factor and large companies are working on transforming their business models, revising their corporate objectives, and educating their employees.


BBVA Latin America conference resumes in-person gatherings

After it was held online in 2021, the conference has returned to in-person meetings this year. Throughout the two-day event, a total of 39 speakers participated in 16 sessions, including representatives from government and central banks such as Gabriel Yorio, Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Credit United Mexican States; Roberto Steiner, Member of the Board of Directors of the Colombian Central Bank; Carlos Oliva, Deputy Governor and President of the Fiscal Council of Peru; Pablo García, Vice President of the Central Bank of Republic of Chile BCCh; María José Martínez, Vice Minister of Finance, Public Debt Office, Dominican Republic; Guido Sandleris, Former Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina; and Alejandro Werner, Former Director of the Western Hemisphere Department, IMF, among others.

More than 350 bilateral meetings were held between public and private debt issuers and international investors with a special interest in the Latin American region, which continues to be an emerging market with significant development and investment opportunities.