18 April 2024

BBVA joins the Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA)

BBVA becomes a new member of the Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA). The entity joins a network of 47 members distributed across the entire value chain, from issuers to trading and buy-side platforms, through intermediaries and associations.

BBVA has recently joined the SSPA, Switzerland's structured products association, which represents 95% of the Swiss structured products market volume. BBVA has been asked to join the SSPA thanks to its efforts in recent years to expand its range of investment solutions and its market reach to become a global player of structured investment products, adopting a factory configuration, from the arrival of Roberto Vila as Global Head of Equity in mid-2019 and now under the leadership of Nicolas Allano, as the Head of Investment Solutions of the Global Markets.

Switzerland is one of the key markets for firms that offer institutional investment and private banking products worldwide. Traditionally, it has been a key market for BBVA. However, in recent years, as BBVA's range of products and capabilities have grown, we have seen a very significant increase in the number of Swiss entities that arrange investment products on different asset classes with BBVA. As a consequence, we have also seen a huge increase in the number and volume of products issued by the entity.

SSPA currently has 47 members and it represents the interests of the main players of the Swiss structured products market. Therefore, joining the network gives BBVA the possibility of participating in a community of experts with an incredible breadth of knowledge in relation to the distribution of structured products in Switzerland. Moreover, SSPA incorporates BBVA as a single issuer, with a wide coverage of the main global markets, and which offers a wide range of investment products on different types of assets (equity, credit, interest rates or currency) to institutional clients.

Daniel Hernández, Head of E-Connectivity Sales at BBVA, mentions that: "We are delighted to join the SSPA to further intensify the exchange with Swiss and international experts in structured products directly in this field. BBVA is a global financial group and we look forward to exchanging information and expertise with other SSPA members across the value creation chain to drive the industry forward."

Georg von Wattenwyl, President of the SSPA, states that: "I am looking forward to having BBVA as an issuer member in our association. The international expertise of its team will greatly contribute to the knowledge exchange within the SSPA."

BBVA present in Switzerland for 50 years

BBVA celebrates its 50th anniversary as a financial entity based in Switzerland. During these five decades, the subsidiary of BBVA in Switzerland has remained firmly committed to its private and institutional clients of private banking, providing solid, innovative and trusted solutions adapted to their values and needs. A pioneer in offering trading and custody services of digital assets, since 2021 BBVA in Switzerland has expanded its value proposition by enabling its clients to trade both traditional and digital assets while adhering to the required regulatory and security standards.