23 January 2024

Innovation and Technology: Age of Cash Management

Eren Gündoğan, Cash Management Sales and Marketing Specialist at Garanti BBVA

Cash Management Products have always had a major role in enhancing customer engagement and market penetration. Garanti BBVA has been a pioneer among Turkish banks by assigning a specific department for Cash Management back in the late ‘90s, and kept providing the best tailor-made solutions that perfectly matched the customer needs since then. This diligence has been rewarded by being chosen as the Best Bank for Cash Management in Turkey over and over again.

Garanti BBVA is the owner of the first loan-based direct collection system and the first web-based supplier financing application. It is the first bank to offer the opportunity to collect bills via ATMs, to make cardless transactions in micropayments, and the first real-time electronic order and collection system. We maintain our leadership in the sector by offering innovative products under four different categories: Collection Solutions, Financing Solutions, Integration Solutions and Payment Solutions.

  • Collection Solutions: Launched Direct Collection System (DCS), through which the invoice amounts are collected from buyers accounts on the maturity dates in accordance with the electronic invoice information sent by the seller under the protection and guarantee of Garanti BBVA.
  • Financing Solutions: Initiated "Garanti Discount" product within the scope of the supply chain financing system. This product has helped strengthen the relationship between key suppliers and their buyers while reinforcing customer loyalty. 
  • Integration Solutions: MT101,940/942  services enables international customers to centralize management of their accounts opened in any bank of the world and make any payment possible. 
  • Payment Solutions: The Bulk Payment System enables customers to execute their book payments, EFT, foreign currency payments and payroll payments completely electronically, executing several payments with a single file.

In the past three years, especially during the pandemic, the banking sector faced the need for digitization, and Garanti BBVA became the conductor of this digitization engine. Customer-specific cash management products and services have become more important than ever. With our digital payment and collection solutions we have minimized the need for physical branch operations and eased the complete process. Garanti BBVA aims to keep its leadership position by continuously improving our current products while creating completely new ones.