18 July 2023

The value of sustainability for BBVA CIB

Delia Moreno, Head of Global Strategy & Innovation

For years we have seen how companies are increasingly committed to generating not only long-term economic value but also value linked to environmental and social aspects, thus helping with the progress and well-being of the communities in which they operate. The data supports this approach. According to the report "Trends in Reputation and Intangible Asset Management 2023" by the firm Corporate Excellence, sustainability and the inclusion of ESG criteria are consolidated in business models, particularly the integration of sustainability into business strategies (60.7%), the definition of targets linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (41%), improvements in reporting, and adaptation to new ESG rules and regulations (37.5%), which are the focal areas for companies.

Sustainability, naturally, is a strategic priority of the BBVA Group, in line with the concerns shared by the companies we work with. Our commitment to the NZ2050 energy transition arises from our conviction of the need to fight climate change. It is also a business opportunity that allows us to follow the corporate world in its plans to face this relevant threat either through advisory services, financing of its investments linked to the transition or other financial solutions. This is where I am proud to be part, through BBVA CIB, of a team who works on designing and implementing the bank's global sustainability strategy to, for example, BBVA mobilizing 300 billion euros in green finance, sustainable infrastructure, social entrepreneurship and financial inclusion by 2025  and thus achieve a "sustainable revolution". At this point, the corporate and investment banking (CIB) segment is the main source of contribution in the mobilization of the Group's sustainable business, accounting for 67% of the total funds channeled in 2022, i.e. 50 billion euros.

Sustainability, naturally, is a strategic priority of the BBVA Group, in line with the concerns shared by the companies we work with

Our focus on sustainability also translates into real and tangible initiatives. Our 100% commitment to sustainability and all its associated concepts has materialized, since November 2022, through BBVA Greenfluencers, a program consisting of monthly chapters where BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking talks about successful business sustainability initiatives carried out by our clients To this end, we share with the entire business community the sustainable commitments that have been set by leading entities with which we collaborate in a variety of sectors and countries, and which we assist in their sustainable transition through advice and sophisticated solutions, adapted to their needs. The goal of BBVA Greenfluencers is to promote a better, more inclusive future. It aims to become a source of inspiration for other companies in their path toward more responsible business models. We will bring our experience as a strategic partner to their sustainable transition.

But that's not all. There is no doubt that we are facing a major challenge. Data has shown that organizations that take sustainability criteria into account and incorporate them into the business offer greater value and greater long-term return, in addition to generating a positive impact on the communities in which they are present. As we have seen, it is essential to place sustainability as a priority business lever and involve all actors in society, in order to achieve the objectives set and thus contribute to a greener and more inclusive future.