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Solactive BBVA Climate Action PAB Europe Index



Solactive BBVA Climate Action PAB Europe Index is a Paris-Aligned Benchmark (PAB) to invest in companies at the forefront of the climate transition, based on the EU Climate Benchmarks. Complying with the minimum requirements set by the EU, our strategy goes much further. Our goal is to leverage on transitional opportunities avoiding environmental risks, and targeting an average temperature well below 2ºC placing it on the most demanding scenario.

EU Minimum requirements

Portfolio decarbonization of 50% at inception, 7% YoY portfolio decarbonization, Energy Activities exclusions as per the EU thresholds, baseline exclusion on international norms.

BBVA’s blueprint

Selection and weighting based on companies with a better score on transitional opportunities and environmental risk management (Carbon Risk Rating) as well as higher probability of temperature alignment with Sustainable Development Scenario (Climate Scenario Analysis)


Key metrics


Family Theme Asset Class Region Weighting # Constituents
Thematic ESG Equity Europe Overweight transitional opportunities 125



Key facts


  • EU Compliant climate benchmark
  • Well below 2ºC – 1.5ºC based on the International Energy Agency (IEA) scenarios and tied to a carbot budget
  • Seize transitional opportunities avoiding risks throught the Carbon Risk Rating
  • 7% YoY self-decarbonization of the portfolio
  • 50% relative decarbonization at inception with respect to the parent index
  • Overweights transitional opportunities
  • 125 constituents