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Solactive BBVA Health & Wellness Index



The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted people’s life in every way, but mainly, it has prompted a global awareness on the importance of health.

With a society long-time concerned with aging and healthcare affordability, a renewed interest for disease “prevention” over “treatment” is growing rapidly; thus, paving the way for innovative therapies and major advancements in biopharmaceuticals, medical technology and consumer care products and services.

Solactive BBVA Health & Wellness Index selects companies taking human health at its heart; leading the fight against infectious and chronic diseases, serving the needs of the elder, refining healthcare management and favouring a healthy lifestyle and well-being.


Key metrics

Family Theme Asset Class Region Weighting # Constituents
Thematic Health Equity Global Overweights Health Revenue exposure 50


Key facts

  • Global Health & Wellness Exposure
  • Comprehensive selection process considering 149 sub-industries
  • Ranking based on x-trend and single trend value drivers
  • Revenue data provided by Factset
  • Market cap weighted tilted by Health & Wellness revenues