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BBVA CIB provides comprehensive bespoke advisory and financial solutions to corporate clients, investment funds, institutional and public-sector entities. The bank applies a data-driven approach, combining product specialists with experts in specific sectors, while always focusing on long term relationships.

Committed to sustainability, ESG advisory builds up a strategic dialogue on sustainability and sustainable finance, customized to the particular situation of each client, taking advantage of BBVA’s strong analytical capabilities in peer benchmarking, and expert knowledge of best practices, challenges, opportunities and action drivers in each industry.

Services include financial advice on mergers and acquisitions, capital increases, debt issuance and how these can be brought together within customized financing solutions: 


  • M&A

A successful deal requires a trusted advisor, to work alongside key decision makers in strategic acquisitions, divestments and mergers. By definition, every deal is quite different, but BBVA’s proven track record of successfully executed transactions enables its experts to provide clients with vital insights that might be passed over by less experienced professionals. 

BBVA CIB covers the full range of client segments, from large international companies to middle markets in all industries within its core geographical footprint, offering services such as mergers & acquisitions, asset disposals, strategic partnering, fund raising, privatizations, sourcing well-grounded fairness opinions and valuation reports for takeover bids and ensuring maximum visibility of the significant details feeding into deals even while still in the making.

Advisory services are end to end, with the depth required by each client. A clear overview of deals is vital, while being able to drill down into the details at any moment requires powerful analytical technology that BBVA is ideally placed to provide. Experts can help with: 

  • Analyzing and evaluating strategic and financial options
  • Screening the market
  • Assessing acquisition candidates or buyers
  • Organizing, managing and coordinating the deal
  • Drafting the transaction documents and financial models
  • Dutiful due diligence

The key to ensuring that M&As lead to sustainable outcomes over time lies in fair pricing and deep understanding from the very outset. A good strategy can help companies to maximize their value for sale, while also helping purchasers avoid pitfalls in important acquisitions.

  • Equity Capital Markets

Clients need to be able to gain easy access to capital markets to run their businesses efficiently. BBVA is committed to placing its strong equity capabilities, credibility and experience in the hands of clients so they can analyze and structure different alternatives in the market. BBVA’s tailor-made solutions focus on correct evaluation of companies over chosen time horizons, whether for IPOs, rights issues, follow-on offerings, block trades, dividend payment mechanisms or buybacks.

Experts provide market intelligence and support to organize transactions, structure equity offerings and to improve valuation, advising on:

  • Marketing
  • Distribution of new stock
  • IPOs
  • Roadshows
  • Equity private placements


  • Rating Advisory

This team provides independent, customized analysis of debt capacity, acquisition finance, financial strategy and capital structure, offering strategic advice to corporates on a wide range of debt-related topics.

Clients can choose how to manage their rating, taking advantage of BBVA’s knowhow to ensure they are optimizing their situation over time: 

  • Estimating ratings for non-rated companies, applying agency methodologies for different sectors
  • Proactive management of relationships with rating agencies. Appointment of an advisor  can consolidate companies’ links with rating agencies to ensure fair evaluation and correct disclosure.
  • Sensitivity analysis can flag the robustness of forecasts to variations in key drivers
  • Management of expectations, ensuring agencies’ approach and adjustments are fair and consistent with those used for the rest of the sector
  • Peer-group benchmarking, to assess which rated companies have the most comparable profiles


  • Project Finance Advisory

Clients need to tap broad-ranging expertise if they are to find the most efficient sources for financing corporate and financial projects. BBVA CIB experts can help them understand the full range of options available: from traditional bank lending to more innovative solutions such as project bonds, institutional-investor funding or hybrid structures.

BBVA can offer government authorities and large institutions data-driven advice on how best to structure concession tenders and PPPs.

  • Liability Management

BBVA provides advisory services and strong data analytics for structuring debt extensions, covenants amendments, refinancing strategies, arbitrage and P&L optimization to IG & HY corporates, financials and sovereign sector issuers.

  • Fixed Income Capital Solutions

Fixed Income Capital Solutions is a global team which provides corporates and financial institutions with customized fixed-income solutions (hybrid bonds, contingent convertibles, AT1, Tier 2 and securitizations) to ensure their capital structure is robust at all times with the flexibility each client requires in time horizons and geographical scope.