Corporate lending

BBVA CIB Corporate Lending is a world-wide benchmark for excellence in underwriting, structuring and distributing syndicated loans for corporate clients, tailoring deals to cover the complete value chain that lending feeds into.

A dedicated global network of specialists develop flexible financial solutions to suit every client’s needs, sharing global knowledge of markets to ensure sustainability and good governance are top of mind throughout the skilled process of loan construction.

CIB’s range of lending products has been consistently enhanced with the expertise only time can accumulate. Clients can put together the financial package best suited to their needs.

  • Term loans: specific amounts with a forward-looking repayment schedule and a floating interest rate to finance identified business needs. 
  • Acquisition financing: capital for the sole purpose of buying another business.
  • Revolving credit facilities: full flexibility to manage changes in funding requirements, so clients can draw down and repay as often as required within an overall loan limit within an agreed term, without worrying about early repayment fees or having to reapply.

Bridge loans: supporting take-outs via bonds, equity and asset sales.