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Debt Capital Markets

Corporates, financial institutions and public sector clients need informed advice and suitable data analytics to raise debt for acquisitions, refinance or restructure their existing debt or pursue other financial and business goals.

Fixed-income markets can be a way of diversifying funding sources when intelligently tapped for low-risk capital. Investors in the market are effectively acting as lenders to a company in exchange for debt securities. BBVA’s strong data capacities and excellent investor relations help clients to optimize their financing in line with their chosen time horizons and debt profiles.

BBVA works closely with clients to help arrange, structure, execute and syndicate transactions, providing access to a global pool of investors from markets in Europe, USA, Mexico, South America and Asia, through a range of different vehicles.

Products and services include customized financial solutions for individual client needs covering:

  • Bond issuance
  • Hybrid capital and convertibles
  • Private placements
  • Ratings advisory
  • Liability Management  
  • Debt Restructuring