Equity Capital Markets

Equity Capital Markets

BBVA offers all its expertise and know-how to advise and execute world-class solutions in the equity capital markets.
The main services offered by the teams range from IPOs, rights issues to accelerated placements, including convertible bonds and stock dividends.


Equity Capital Markets advisory team

BBVA has an Equity Capital Markets advisory team that is committed to and aligned with the interests of its corporate clients. This allows it to provide clear, honest, and impartial advice. BBVA CIB’s methodology is based on data analysis and the combination of specialists in financial products with experts in specific sectors, with the aim of establishing long-term relationships with clients.

BBVA’s Equity Capital Markets team plays a key role in facilitating companies’ access to the capital markets and offers its full commitment and strong equity capabilities, credibility and experience to analyze, structure and contribute to the success of potential alternatives for our clients in the ECM market. The team focuses on developing tailored solutions that emphasize the company’s value, including IPOs, rights issues, follow-on offerings, block trades, dividend payment mechanisms and buybacks.

The ECM Team will support you in organizing transactions, structuring the equity offering and improving valuation, supporting, among others, the following activities:

  • Marketing
  • Distribution of new stock
  • IPOs
  • Roadshows
  • Equity private placements

BBVA CIB is a renowned worldwide benchmark known for providing excellence in underwriting, structuring, and executing commercial and corporate lending facilities tailored to meet the demands of corporate clients. Each transaction is customized to address all stages of the business value chain.

At BBVA CIB, our mission is not simply to be suppliers, but to be strategic allies of our clients. We are committed to turning their goals and visions into tangible realities. Our outstanding position in the market is due to our extensive global experience in project management and our deep knowledge of local markets and clients, which has allowed us to be recognized for our excellence in project finance in our key markets. BBVA CIB is a leading provider of structured finance solutions, specializing in the origination, structuring and execution of financing solutions for corporate clients and institutional investors.

BBVA CIB offers leveraged finance and debt solutions specifically designed for corporations and private equity firms. Through our unified global sales platform, we act as a single point of access for loans and bonds, facilitating the arrangement, underwriting and distribution of debt financing.

BBVA CIB provides specialized financial advice and tailored solutions for corporate clients, investment funds and institutional entities in both the public and private sectors. Our methodology is based on data analysis and the combination of specialists in financial products with experts in specific sectors, always focused on establishing lasting relationships. The financial advisory services offered by the bank include support in mergers and acquisitions, capital increases and debt issuance, tailoring them to integrate them into customized financing solutions. BBVA is an expert bank in transactions linked to greenfield projects, credit facilities, buyer credit and IPOs.

BBVA provides a comprehensive global syndication investment banking platform to facilitate the efficient arrangement, underwriting and distribution of debt financings. Our platform offers a single window for loans, allowing our clients to choose from a range of leveraged pricing, backed by data-driven market risk assessments. This is especially beneficial once decisions on financial structure have been made.

BBVA CIB provides specialized advice and accurate data analysis to companies, financial institutions and public sector clients. Our objective is to facilitate the raising of debt for acquisitions, refinancing or restructuring of existing debt, as well as the achievement of other financial and business objectives.

Clients' trust is our greatest award