ESG Advisory

BBVA offers its wholesale clients a new sustainability advisory service. This global initiative aims to increase dialogue on sustainability with all clients, regardless of the industry in which they operate and how advanced they are in this area. The bank wants to share its in-depth knowledge with them and help them develop and implement their sustainability policies in order to contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy. This strategic dialogue is not only oriented towards the finance team, but also includes the strategy, corporate social responsibility and investor relations departments.


  • Introducing sustainability to customers

BBVA has a long track record in sustainability. It is part of the main international initiatives that exist today and is an active participant in the specialised forums that deal with the main challenges in this respect. This leadership position enables the bank to work proactively with its clients to encourage them to develop credible sustainability plans aligned with their business strategies. BBVA’s expertise provides clients with an overview of how sustainability is evolving in the political and economic context, reporting needs, financial market developments, ESG ratings, etc.

  • Industry specialisation

BBVA offers its clients a very broad knowledge of sustainability but also offers specific advice depending on the industries in which clients interact, with a special focus on those that face the greatest challenges in the transition to a low-carbon economy: oil and gas, utilities, automotive and automotive components, and infrastructure. For each of these, BBVA works with clients to address the opportunities and challenges posed by each of the three ESG variables: environmental, social and governance. And it draws up a roadmap aligned with the Paris Agreement that takes into account the specific regulations and technological improvements specific to each of the industries.