IFI - International Financial Institutions

In line with its cross-border and global business approach, BBVA is present in more than 30 countries but provides banking services in as many as 166 countries. This is possible thanks to the work of the correspondent banking team, also known as the International Financial Institutions (IFI), which has established a global network of banks that provides clients with the ability to invest and operate internationally.

BBVA is a provider of transactional services in different currencies

The large number of correspondent accounts in the BBVA books and its long-standing participation in clearinghouses positions the bank as an ideal provider of  transactional services in different currencies. BBVA strives to satisfy the payment needs of the correspondent banks or the International Financial Institutions at very competitive prices, while meeting the highest international quality standards. 

BBVA’s easy-to-use platforms

A committed team of BBVA professionals supports the international financial institutions in achieving their business objectives. The range of products and services to choose from is always state-of-the-art to ensure all correspondent banking operations run smoothly. Clients appreciate BBVA’s easy-to-use platforms which enable measurable cost-effectiveness and speed of service.

BBVA offers correspondent bank accounts, clearing and payments services, transactional trade finance products, such as letters of credit, bid bonds, advance and performance guarantees. All these services are adapted to the changing requirements at each given time and place.

BBVA as one of the world’s first banks to embrace SWIFT GPI

Additionally, BBVA’s technological expertise ensures the clients with innovative solutions on a continuous basis. BBVA was one of the world’s first banks to embrace SWIFT GPI, and is constantly investing in promising fintech projects to make sure its clients a privileged access to any new developments.

BBVA S.A. Spain – General Terms & Conditions for Correspondent Banks

BBVA’s transaction banking advisory team provides tailor-made holistic financial solutions for clients and work as their partner for optimizing their finances and incorporating sustainability in all levels of their businesses.

BBVA global securities services acts as a regional custodian with high-level expertise in markets where the bank operates. Its two regional hubs, Spain and Mexico, feed local know-how into a global network of sub-custodians.

BBVA’s expert commercial assessment, regulatory advice and bespoke solutions, and that is why BBVA is the trade finance bank of choice for many of our clients.

Clients' trust is our greatest award