Corporate securities services & solutions

BBVA has proven experience from successful corporate securities services operations in Spain and Latin America.

BBVA provides global pre- and post-trade services to institutional clients, as well as facilitating ease of trading and maximum control over the investment processes.

Acting as a regional custodian with high-level expertise

BBVA global securities services acts as a regional custodian with high-level expertise in markets where the bank operates. Its two regional hubs, Spain and Mexico, feed local know-how into a global network of sub-custodians.

Spanning every securities-related business line, BBVA’s clients can streamline their core custody (asset servicing and tax reclaim), clearing and settlement transactions and optimize their funding architecture. The bank also provides transactional services for Spanish issuers and tailor-made solutions for the Spanish investment service companies and their clients. As pioneers in the development and provision of innovative asset “servicing only” models for non-resident financial institutions, BBVA connects clients directly to the Spanish CSD in the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) environment.


BBVA’s securities advisors help clients pursue a growth strategy

Global securities advisors help clients pursue a growth strategy with the support of innovative solutions. The bank consistently strengthens its technological and products capabilities , focusing on value-added services where the bank’s expertise makes a real difference to clients’ success in their investment, trading and overall business management.

BBVA’s expert commercial assessment, regulatory advice and bespoke solutions, and that is why BBVA is the trade finance bank of choice for many of our clients.

BBVA’s transaction banking advisory team provides tailor-made holistic financial solutions for clients and work as their partner for optimizing their finances and incorporating sustainability in all levels of their businesses.

Clients' trust is our greatest award