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Cash Management

BBVA offers a full range of cash management capabilities, leveraging on a strong local presence and a global infrastructure. An integrated IT infrastructure and direct access to all clearing houses over a streamlined technology makes BBVA’s cash management much more than a set of transactions. Through the bank’s global outreach the clients can spot opportunities that create value,  at the same time retaining control of their cash flows guaranteed by BBVA’s governance procedures based on granular data.

Digital tools that make running the business easier:

Global account visibility

BBVA’s electronic banking platform, BBVA Pivot, provides a quick and easy view of account information and global positions. For the next level of integration, BBVA relay services allow for secure transmission of a daily e-ledger containing account statements from BBVA and other bans, grouped either in BAI2 or MT940/942 formats and sent via a single global host2host or Swift-FileAct connection.

Global payments via single connection

BBVA offers a one-stop-shop to streamline global payment processing, providing maximum control over treasury, payroll and supplier payments. Clients simply connect to BBVA’s global host2host and SWIFT infrastructure to initiate domestic and international payments in multiple countries using a single connectivity channel and a single file format.

Domestic cash-management services to optimize treasury flows

With local expertise in the Iberian Peninsula, United States, Turkey, Mexico and Latin America, BBVA can provide best-in-class digital products and services for business treasury operations, rationalizing and optimizing payments, collections, working capital and liquidity management.


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BBVA global securities services acts as a regional custodian with high-level expertise in markets where the bank operates. Its two regional hubs, Spain and Mexico, feed local know-how into a global network of sub-custodians.

BBVA’s expert commercial assessment, regulatory advice and bespoke solutions, and that is why BBVA is the trade finance bank of choice for many of our clients.

BBVA’s transaction banking advisory team provides tailor-made holistic financial solutions for clients and work as their partner for optimizing their finances and incorporating sustainability in all levels of their businesses.

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