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BBVA’s multi-disciplinary teams of specialists and powerful technology platforms offer investors and institutional clients access to global equity markets to trade in a variety of business lines, including investment products, flow derivatives, equity financing and Delta 1.

BBVA’s franchise leverages distribution centers in all time zones including Spain, France, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong, Mexico and the USA as well as dedicated trading hubs in Madrid, London, New York and Mexico City to align with clients’ local requirements whilst reaping the benefits of its global footprint.

BBVA’s derivatives and structured products enable clients worldwide to shore up their portfolios, implement their own hedging strategies and access new markets and asset classes whilst enjoying full or partial capital protection. 


BBVA’s team of experts is fully dedicated to building  privileged relationships with clients over the short, medium and long term. They listen carefully to clients’ ambitions and strategies before proposing and structuring bespoke investment solutions to best meet the goals within the timelines each client needs.


From plain vanilla investments to innovative exotic derivatives, BBVA’s solutions are under  a continuous revision. The bank’s goal is to offer.

BBVA’s flow derivative experts provide global solutions to institutional clients. Asset managers and hedge funds looking for equity derivative pricing, regularly receive from the bank high-conviction ideas, white papers and comprehensive market commentary, as well as get access to BBVA’s  powerful platforms.

BBVA is a major player in all the main areas of the equity derivatives spectrum:volatility indices, indexed or single stocks, sectorals, dividends and Delta1. The bank helps clients to structure products with round-the-clock competitive pricing and the possibility of cherry-picking from exotic books. All this with access to all kinds of traders, whether directional or dispersion players or vol hedge funds.


BBVA is an experienced player in the equity financing market providing service to many different types of clients, from banks to insurance companies, private banking and asset managers. This enables it to adapt to clients’ lending and borrowing requirements, in repo, TRS or Sec Lending format, vs. cash or collateral exchange (HQLA upgrades).

Clients can enjoy capabilities to view and choose products: mutual funds, TEF’s, equities, convertible bonds, etc, applying ultimate flexibility in tenors, basket composition and liquidity. 

Nowadays, automation is part of core business, and the bank’s platforms provide robust access to an expanded wrapper wallet, which includes triparties and a pledge.

Linkage to stock exchanges across continents ensures that the clients can access competitive pricing information of BBVA’s investment products and derivatives around the clock. BBVA Research also feeds continuous data into its platforms, thus making sure that the clients can trade at maximum efficiency. With access to the regional hub for Latin America, based in Mexico, clients from Latin American countries can tap liquidity beyond their own borders and also look into European markets. Retail and private banking clients enjoy a streamlined experience with  BBVA’s e-Connectivity retail broker trading platform, fine-tuned to meet their requirements wherever they are located.