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It is important to have a fully integrated global syndication investment banking platform to successfully arrange, underwrite and distribute debt financings within an optimal time frame. A one-stop shop for loans enables clients to pick a pricing range leveraged on data-driven assessments of market risk. And once decisions have been made on the structure.

BBVA’s strong technological and market capabilities:

BBVA’s syndication investment banking and strong technological and market capabilities provide clients with:

  • Capacity to attract underwriting from all over the world.
  • Market know-how to link issuers and investors across a global network, to distribute debt in primary and secondary markets worldwide.
  • Trading capabilities to provide liquidity to institutional and other clients through BBVA’s market making expertise.

BBVA works closely with clients to arrange, structure, execute and syndicate transactions, and through different vehicles provides them access to a global pool of investors from Europe, USA, Mexico, South America and Asia.

BBVA CIB is a worldwide benchmark for excellence in underwriting, structuring and distributing lending facilities for corporate clients. The bank tailors deals to cover the complete business value chain that lending feeds into.

BBVA CIB is a major provider of structured-finance products: originating, structuring and executing financing solutions for corporate clients and institutional investors.

BBVA helps leading companies in a wide range of sectors such as industry, infrastructure, manufacturing, commerce, leisure and retail services. Each sector requires a different approach. Some generate a stable cash flow but with a selective scope, while others require high leverage to prime their business model.

BBVA’s advisory services include financial advice on mergers and acquisitions, capital increases, debt issuance and how these can be brought together within customized financing solutions.

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