Episode 2: Grupo Herdez – The food sector as a driver of sustainable dynamics

In the second chapter of BBVA Greenfluencers you can find out more about sustainability in the food sector in Mexico. Andrea Amozurrutia, Finance & Sustainability Director of Grupo Herdez, reveals the group’s clear commitment to food health, seeking to promote healthy habits and adopting measures to ensure proper resource management and ecological balance.

• Did you know that Grupo Herdez is a pioneer company in the active promotion of the universal principles agreed in the United Nations Global Compact?
• Discover the Group’s commitment to female entrepreneurship through its initiative Semillero Nutrisa, do you want to know more?

Summary text:

In the second Greenfuencers we have the opportunity to talk about sustainability with Grupo Herdez, a leader in the food sector and one of the longest standing groups in Mexico.

Luisa Gómez Bravo, Head of Corporate & Investment Banking at BBVA interviews Andrea Amozurrutia, Finance & Sustainability Director at Grupo Herdez, who explains the company’s strategy, always committed to the environment and social responsibility. Amozurrutia will explain one of the company’s most important recent milestones: its adhesion to the Global Compact and its commitment to 7 of the 17 SDGs of the 2030 Agenda in order to incorporate them into the business.

At Greenfluencers we discovered another of Grupo Herdez’s major milestones in recent years. The company has developed an initiative related to gender equality, called Semillero Nutrisa. Through this action, Grupo Herdez wants to train third generations of women entrepreneurs, reinforcing its commitment to small and medium-sized companies. “We want to be a key actor for change in Mexico. Our business strategy is divided into three pillars: community, people and planet, where the issues of climate change, clean energy, communities and impact have a place and, above all, move us to be an agent of change in a country like Mexico.”

Grupo Herdez is an example of commitment to and for social responsibility. Don’t miss the upcoming initiatives that are being developed in this episode of Greenfluencers.

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